PA United Girls Rugby is an independent 501C(3) non-profit and the premiere rugby club in the Greater Philadelphia region developing middle-school and high-school aged girls. Rugby in the United States is growing tremendously, creating incredible collegiate opportunities for young women. With the support of established senior rugby clubs in the area, it is our primary goal to help facilitate the pathway for our players to both college admissions/scholarships and to the USA Rugby Girls High School All American program. It is also our goal to help build single school varsity rugby programs in our region, with PA United Rugby as the platform for their growth and development. 




  • She will learn the importance of hard work
  • She will learn how strong and powerful her body is
  • She will know that she is capable of anything her male cohorts can do
  • She will learn how to get back up when she gets knocked down
  • She will experience the incredible feeling of being part of a team
  • She will respect others, regardless of their decision
  • She will learn to deal with disappointment
  • She will realize that she is unstoppable